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School Friends to Rs 400 Cr Success: The Bootstrapped Journey!

Raghib and Faisal met in school and later graduated together

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This is a special edition, where I share the success story of two friends who founded a Rs. 400 crore bootstrapped company.

Raghib and Faisal met in school and later graduated together from Jamia Millia Islamia with engineering degrees.

Their failure to crack IIT-JEE exams was a turning point that made them focus on their strengths. After graduation, Faisal joined Google and Raghib joined AOL to gain work experience

After Three years into their Corporate jobs at Multi-National Companies, they decided to pursue their dream of venturing into entrepreneurship together. Thus, RNF Technologies was born. The 'RNF' stands for Raghib and Faisal 💡

They started RNF with a seed capital of Rs. 2 lakhs. The company has grown to over 450 employees and 250+ clients globally, while remaining bootstrapped.

But this wasn't their first venture together.

1st Venture: BuyAlmost.com (Later Shutdown)

In 2009, they launched their first venture - an auction-based shopping portal called BuyAlmost.com which offered products at up to 98% discount. It received good initial response with 120,000 registrations in 3 months

However, they decided to shut it down as the product was not scalable in terms of profits

2nd Venture: RNF Technologies (Most Successful)

In November 2009, they started RNF Technologies, an IT services company, with a seed capital of Rs. 2 lakhs. Their first major contract worth $500,000 came from a leading commercial data provider.

They focused primarily on the North American market, garnering over 90% of their clients from there. Expanded to mobile app, web development, and digital marketing services. Set up an office in Delaware, USA to better serve clients.

3rd Venture: Phonato Studios (10M+ Downloads)

In 2013, they launched Phonato Studios, a sister company for game development. Their games have seen over 10 million downloads with 4.5+ ratings.

They partnered with 888 holdings for some popular games like 7Heart Casino, Double Jackpot Slots.

4th Venture: Resourcifi

In 2016, they started Resourcifi, a staff augmentation company providing remote staffing solutions. Has a talent pool of over 400 skilled developers, designers, IT professionals. Offers flexible hiring models - contract, project-based, dedicated teams.

What to learn from them:

Speaking about the drive that pushed them to let go of their jobs and begin something anew, Faisal said that both dared to face their fears and tread on the path of entrepreneurship while they were young. Raghib said that ambitious entrepreneurs focus more on the monetisation part of their venture. In contrast, the real juice is acquiring the right team and focusing on core services or products.

Adding to that, Faisal said that the main ingredient to becoming an entrepreneur is letting go of the fear of failure and believing in your dreams' power.

Know Your Market: Their first venture BuyAlmost.com failed as the product was not scalable for profits despite initial traction

Pricing Strategy: Avoid excessively low pricing that makes clients perceive you as inexperienced. Analyze the market and set competitive prices.

Continuous Skill Development: Their failure to crack IIT-JEE exams made them focus on honing their strengths and improve skills across various domains

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